At Henry Street Steel, our goal is to help maximize your operational efficiency and overall productivity.  We approach every customer’s unique situation as an important puzzle needing to be solved.  Our customers have discovered that our ability to devise innovative facility storage and material handling solutions in a cost-effective framework is unrivaled in our industry.

Our clients experience:

  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Heightened safety standards
  • Turnkey system integration

For companies involved in storage facility relocation, expansion of distribution channels or restructuring and integration of manufacturing and distribution facilities, Henry Street Industrial Steel can create a storage and handling roadmap designed with efficiency in mind.  For newly manufactured handling and storage equipment, we offer the most competitive pricing in our industry.

  • Space Planning
  • Use and suitability analysis
  • Integration of safety products
  • Lifting solutions
  • Storage and Handling Solutions in all 50 states